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Q: Can I just replace one of my golf cart batteries if some of them are still good?
A: We recommend replacing all the batteries at the same time to avoid the older batteries reducing the lifespan of your newer ones.

Q: Do you do installs?
A: Yes, we do installs.

Q: Can I bring a bunch of old batteries at once to sell to you?
A: Yes, you can bring as many batteries as you'd like to sell to us and we will buy them at top market price.

Q: Do I have to have my old battery to get a new one?
A: We are required to receive an old battery when we give one out by EPA. If you do not have your old battery with you, we must charge you a $20 core charge, but this can be refunded whenever you bring your old battery back to us along with your receipt.

Q: Do you sell hearing aid batteries?
A: Yes, we sell hearing aid batteries, as well as AA, AAA and other coin sell batteries.

Q: Do you buy old Lithium batteries?
A: No, and we do not take them for disposal either.

Q: I just got a new battery, and my car still is not starting. What else could be the problem?
A: There are many things that could prevent your vehicle from starting, but generally, the issue is with either the battery, the alternator, or the starter. We can test your vehicle to see which of these it is free of charge.

Q: While I was taking my old battery out, I got some battery acid on me. Will I be alright?
A: As long as you wash off the battery acid with soap and water within a couple of minutes, the acid should be washed away so that it cannot hurt you. If you do not wash off the acid within a few hours, it can cause serious burns. Battery acid will also eat through most clothing, even if you wash it off right away.
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